Design Brief

The 27th edition of the HEMA design competition had as assignment ‘cooking and dining’.


This project is started from a cultural perspective. Dutch daily dining and cooking habits are examined by following ten random dutchies during a period of seven days. The participants are asked 3 questions at the beginning of the day witch they answered by means of a photograph. This gave rich insight in their daily eating habits and also showed clear overlap and patterns between the individual participants. Further research into these emerging patterns led to a design vision and design.

Design Vision

What happens on a sunny day in the Netherlands is a cultural phenomenon. Everyone turns optimistic, dressed in shorts, skirts, sunglasses and a big friendly smile to top it of. On these days parks are filled with people picnicking and bbq’ing .

Where in many other cultures people go all out and prepare wonderful meals. The Dutch don’t want to miss a ray of sunlight. Resulting in a quick visit to the supermarket and a sprint to the nearest green spot.


This phenomena described above inspired the design for TAStoe.  A shopping bag and a picnick blanked in one, you are ready to do your groceries and go straight to the park. Once in the park the TAStoe offers a little table upon which glasses, cans or a bottle can be placed to keep them from tipping over.

The TAStoe is not designed by means of a problem solving approach but with a context and experience driven approach. Through research of the context a design that fits the dutch picnic experience is made.