Design brief

The assignment was to design an experiential interaction scenario for specific people and situations, exemplified through a product, a service, an environment, a thing, or any combination of these within the theme: unlocking people.


During this project the interaction between artist and their neighborhood is analyzed, or rather the lack of interaction between the two. This is done by means of an iterative design proces, using research props and mock-ups in the context.

Design vision

It is found that artists would like to show their art to the neighborhood in a personal manner. In addition residents indicated that they are very curious about the work of the different artists in the neighborhood and would like to explore their neighborhood. Therefore the design vision is:

Getting visual artists to feel more appreciated by their neighborhood and giving neighborhood residents the opportunity explore their neighborhood and respond to the art in a personal way.


The result is a street gallery which can be hung around a street light in front of the artist home. The gallery enables the artist to exhibit their art and watch their neighbors while they are enjoying their little gallery. From the residents perspective the gallery offers the opportunity to get to know their neighborhood and the artist in a explorative manner (going from street gallery to street gallery) and show their appreciation by leaving a message for the artist.