Design Brief

Lots of people go camping to submerge in nature and to break with their busy daily routine. Current camping shelters do not seem to support the desired nature experience of these campers. While protecting these campers from external conditions the shelters closes the campers off from the outdoors they came for. This led to the following design brief: Designing a shelter that fits the desired nature camping experience.


Nature campers and their context are researched by means of interviews, a context mapping session and analyzing literature, blogs and vlogs. This resulted in the confirmation of the hypothesis that current camping shelters do not fit the desired nature camping experience. Besides confirming the hypothesis the research gave two other noteworthy insights about the desired camping experience. Firstly, research showed that these campers like to have the possibility to make a camping spot their own. Secondly, it was indicated that they want to have the possibility to retreat in this own created place, secluding themselves form the outdoors.

Design vision

Outside and inside merge smoothly into one another, therewith an abrupt end to enjoying nature and the users own created spot can be avoided. Control over when and how much to seclude when privacy is needed is given by the shelter. Meanwhile the user is given the opportunity to submerge in their surroundings while enjoying the protection of their shelter. Besides secluding and submerging the shelter offers the user the opportunity to make a camping spot their own. This gives the user a feeling of safety and familiarity while they explore unfamiliar surroundings.



The design vision led to a complete new shelter design, the LUCID. The LUCID is a versatile and modular shelter concept, which enables the user to adapt to their situation and surroundings. Whether someone is cycling alone, kayaking with a friend or wandering through the outback, LUCID makes sure the user is able to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings to the fullest. The LUCID consists of seven components, a two person canopy, a rain fly, three tent poles, a vestibule and a footprint. Combining these components in different ways creates a free standing two person shelter (LUCID Lush), a light weight two person shelter (LUCID Light), a full cover two person shelter (LUCID Divis) and a one person tarp shelter (LUCID Fly). Four configurations are designed; other possible configurations are left to the user. Giving them the option to make the shelter and camping spot their own. Each of the four designed configurations can be opened and closed from the inside to ensure the user that they can both submerge in and seclude from their surroundings.