Design a logo  for Pippa kleedt, a web shop that sells vintage women clothes.


The vision of Pippa Kleedt is to enable women to express through their clothes who they are and how they feel. Pippa kleedt clothing helps women to create their own personal style.

When Pippa Kleedt asked for a logo design I aimed for a logo that fitted the vision and target group of the brand. I did this by designing a logo of witch each letter is unique and express a different attitude, just like the Pippa Kleedt clothes and customers. In addition, the whole logo has an 80’s look and feel, referring to the fact that the clothes are vintage. Furthermore the background of the logo is a pattern that can be fitted into a grid of tiles see the images at the top of this page. This together with the different colour options enables Pippa Kleed to use the pattern and also the logo in a creative way for example as background for a website or flyer.