foto by Laura Koot

I studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. My master degree was focused on interaction design. Interactions are everywhere, for example, human-product interactions, social interactions, digital interactions, on a personal level, emotional level, and on an interpersonal level. Throughout a project I explore the interplay of these interactions: the concerns, needs, practices, behaviour, and abilities of the people, and the properties and behaviour of the context, product and or service.
My holistic approach ensures a deeper understanding of the problem, the context and the stakeholders at hand. This results in a design-minded research style and a research-minded design style. I believe that through co-creation and an user-centred research and design a sustainable future can be shaped, with the designer in the role of facilitator, researcher and creator. Designing together with all the stakeholders makes for integral design solutions, whether the outcome is a physical product, digital product or even a more abstract outcome like a framework or vision.

When I am not designing my need to be active and love of the outdoors, results in the organisation of outdoor activities, trips and events, both private and professional.

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